Hope Lewis

A travelling merchant


Strength- +0
Dexterity – +1
Constitution – +0
Intelligence – +2
Wisdom – +1
Charisma – +2

Toughness – +0
Fortitude – +2
Reflex – +0
Will – +2

Imitative – +1
Dodge – +1
Parry – +0
BAB – +o
MAB – +0
RAB – +0

Size – Medium
Speed -

Wealth – 7
Professional skill – Diplomacy
Reputation – +1

Vice – Miserly
Virtue – Industrious

Skills- Bluff, concentrate, language, craft, diplomacy, drive, gather information, handle animal, knowledge, medicine, search
Feats – Light sleeper, benefit, fascinate, well informed, wealthy
Equipment- Wagon, Mule
Civilian clothes (casual clothes), undercover shirt (light)
Rifle – Hunting rifle
Heavy pistol – Custom made revolver
Knife – Fairbairn-Sykes


Look – Slender build of average height. Light brown hair going to grey. Small, well trimmed beard.
Usually wears a white shirt with blue trousers and boots. Over which he wears a waistcoat and pre-war sheepskin jacket.
A small scare on forehead from slaver raid is covered by his hair.
Habits/Traits – Very fastidious person who always works his hardest. Has a habit of always making notes for him to be able to review.
Sometimes weeps from his one eye for no reason.
Title/Nickname – The grey merchant. He who settled.
Saying/Motto – Once more unto the breach. No deal is perfect.
Daily routine – Early to wake. Makes sure he is clean and tidy. Will always make time to write his diary at the end of the evening. Becomes very agitated/annoyed when he is unable to do any of this.
Sleeping – Usually wares what he wore the day before to bed. With a blanket and duffle bag of clothes as a pillow.
Sleeps in or next to the wagon.
Food drink – Cares little for what he eats or drinks but will prefer to drink wine instead of other alcoholic drinks.
Mental problems/Phobias – Has a true phobia of failing during his trading/loosing everything.
Reasons for being disliked – Can be seen as a man who cares little for others and things apart from making a profit.
Skills most proud of – Those skills he has acquired during his years as a merchant.
Greatest strength – Quick whit’s and skills in his trading.
Shortcomings/Personal flaw – Since the raid he has been suffering from nightmares about the incident.
Person/Thing he most loves – Lily (partner who was taken during the slaver raid on the settlement)
Personality traits he dislikes – Contempt for others. Little care for fair trading. Exploitation.
Felling on crowds – Depends upon the type of crowd (such as his love of market crowds.
Hobbies – Writes long entries into his diary.
What makes him angry – Seeing unfair trading/exploitation/slavery.
All knowing question – What is the perfect trade. Where is Lily.
Where was he born/raised – a small band of travelling merchants.
Parents – Farther died before he was born. Mother died shortly after he had settled down.
Childhood – spent his time learning how to be a traveller/merchant.
Worst thing to happen – The slaver attack upon the settlement he settled down in. He was the only one to escape being killed or captured.
Most prized possessions – His cart and one headed Brahmin. A small pendant used to denote those in a permanent relationship (matched pair with one given to Lily).
Most proud/shameful moment – Meeting Lily. Losing her to slavers.
What he did before the story – Became a travelling merchant again after the slaver raid in an attempt to find Lily.
Moral code – Not let those who haven’t risked anything to suffer from losses or to be exploited.
Will he kill – If he must (those who attack will risk this and must pay this risk for loosing).
How will he treat others – With courtesy and honour.
Prejudice – Against slaver/raiders as well as dodgy merchants/exploiters.
What would he sacrifice his life for – Lily (without hesitation) and his friends (may hesitate but will).
What does justice mean – Freedom to travel/trade. A lack of exploitation/slavery.
Characters dreams – to find and to travel with Lily.
How he accomplishes this – via travelling to search for her and to help make contacts to gather information.
When would he quit – Finding out Lily is dead may prove to be too much for him.